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Voice of the Customer

Customer satisfaction and loyalty are critical to the success of any business endeavor. However, achieving and maintaining the RIGHT level of satisfaction and loyalty is an oft overlooked strategic step. Burshek Research helps you understand the role satisfaction and loyalty levels take both in the products or services you provide, and your bottom line results.

Implementation of Voice of the Customer programs must follow a process to provide linkage to your financial and market share results. Burshek Research has integrated this process into companies large and small, across many industries. The following is an illustration of a powerful, on-going customer satisfaction program:

Customer Experience Success™

Customer Experience Management takes your Voice of the Customer program to the next level. Every customer is critical. That is why you must monitor customer response at key interaction points. A poor customer experience not only means a loss of immediate revenue, it also means a loss of current investment to acquire that customer, future revenues, and possibly negative word of mouth. The smart way to manage the customer experience is get customer feedback at transactions, post sale moments, and other times when customer rescues, up-sells and cross-sells are most possible. This leads to loyal, engaged, and active customers along with more revenue.

Our Customer Experience Success™ Program is designed to incorporate on-going feedback along the full “customer corridor” of interaction. This includes moments of interaction prior to an experience with your product or service, while they are in the experience, and following the experience. An example for a financial institution might be:

The best companies know that to move the needle of customer experience, the entire company has to get involved. Integration of customer experience findings affect positive change throughout the company or department. This is where Customer Experience Success™ sets itself apart from others.

It incorporates customer experience throughout employee interaction and leads to innovation. Innovation which sets your company unexpectedly apart from competitors and enhances the brand for your company and your product or service. This creates value for your company for those who care about it the most, your stakeholders. It is the truly a closed loop system:

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