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We offer full-spectrum solutions to your business questions. We are not stuck with just one approach. This expertise provides you with the optimal solution for your situation, at a great value. The approaches we use transform consumer and customer feedback into practical and efficient answers to your business questions. Recognized as a pioneer, Burshek Research leverages innovative online, mobile, social, big data, multi-media, and research fundamentals to measure and optimize brand, commerce, advertising, product and concept feasibility and pricing.



Why settle for just qualitative brainstorming that new concept, product or service? With BRC QBrainstorm™, we bring the power of today’s technology to gathering, expanding, and Quantitatively prioritizing brainstorming results. Interested? Get more info



Most social media processes are no more than counting programs, counting words and people. Boring and providing no insight to your business questions. The good news is you are not limited with SavvySocial™. SavvySocial™ gets you to customers and potential customers whose opinions matter because of complete reach. You can use it for building and analyzing your own campaigns or get creative and breakdown a competitors campaign. Or . . . Use your imagination. Get more info


Mobile Meter™

Mobile is one of the most promising and yet underutilized tools today. Why? Because just translating your online questionnaire to the mobile environment is 1) boring to mobile respondents and 2) not thinking about the actual mobile environment. Our Mobile Meter™ allows you to use mobile for real-time mystery shopping . . . of competitors, real-time auditing of in-store marketing or merchandising campaigns, and much more. Get more info


TunedIn Communities™

There is power in private insight communities. Whether for one-time information needs or as a on-going feedback tool. Yet, most community vendors today only want to sell you software instead of getting to answers for your business questions. You know, the stuff that makes your company money? TunedIn Communities™ through BRC are flexible, robust and put together to get you a return on your investment. Get more info


WebCheck Lite™ and WebCheck Full™

The majority of marketing today is deemed successful by one key performance indicator – how much traffic did we drive to our site? That is great – IF your site does what it needs to do – for the visitor! For the campaign objectives! WebCheck Lite™ and WebCheck Full™ provide highly actionable and statistically valid guidance on the precise optimization of web site initial designs and re-design investments, based on measurably increasing user satisfaction. Get more info


Audience Meter™

The Audience Meter™ is the optimal tool for brand and marketing studies, our proprietary split-window capability enables valid consumer sample sizes to screen, view, interact with, and provide direct feedback to content, concepts, rough cuts, marketing, positioning, and creative media. Including photo and video imagery, live web site content, functional digital online or wireless prototypes, TV, radio and print advertising, music, talent, pricing and packaging. Get more info


Sustainability Index™

It is not just Millennials driving change today impacting purchase habits with the new “emerging value” of sustainability. This desire has momentum across generational boundaries. But what is this thing called sustainability and how do you match up against others in your industry to customers? Get more info

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