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In today’s world, anybody can get easy answers for your company.

But do you really want just anybody telling you what your customers and employees think and what that means for your business?

Especially when none of the latest and greatest techniques prove themselves to be the “last and only solution you will ever need” as sold to you?

At Burshek Research, our expertise is blending technology solutions, proven research acumen and a deep understanding of the marketplace to get you the right information.  We help executives obtain uniquely rich and accurate market feedback with which they can present, package, position, price and market brands, products and services for maximum market appeal and adoption.

Our programs have won awards for research innovation. More importantly we have helped our clients secure industry leadership status through awards as well.  We leverage proven statistical protocols, advanced marketing acumen and proprietary technology to measurably optimize commerce, marketing, advertising, communications, concept/product/service feasibility and pricing.

Client Recognition Based on Action Taken From Our Insights

Client Recognition Awards

Our Founders

John BurshekKim Burshek

John and Kim Burshek founded Burshek Research and Consulting (BRC) with the core vision of delivering the optimal method of customer interaction and communication to all companies.  The end goal of this vision meant that through a relationship with Burshek, a client would REALLY know what to do to achieve great levels of success with their target audience.

The value of delivering to this vision has only intensified as the growth of social interaction, mobile and smartphone devices and now wearable technologies creates more and more channels where the customer is in control.  Additionally, seismic shifts in customer attitudes and behaviors since 2008 permanently changed customer and corporate actions – directly impacting preferences and buying response.  And, lets not forget the impact caused by Millennials – today’s largest demographic segment.

Today’s world brings great opportunity and great challenges.  What used to take years to build – like the positive brand impact of being a local leader in the community – can now take months or even weeks.  Inversely, company strengths built over great time and relied upon for years can just as quickly melt away, leaving executives wondering what to do to survive.

The right mix of strengthening core offerings while exploring the borders of innovation is the key to success today.  This is also the key to Burshek Research’s success over the years.

Kim’s operational strength keeps the core of the company running smoothly and strong. John’s entrepreneurial spirit continuously seeks out opportunities that keep the company ahead of the curve in customer interaction.

John has successfully pioneered new performance methodologies for building interactive customer knowledge platforms used today to measure and create business success.  His research expertise reflects more than 25 years in proprietary market research programs leading to successful market launches of products, services and building full 360° scorecard-based rating systems for Fortune 500 firms.

While not all of John’s efforts result in runaway hits, the following are a few that delivered exceptional results:


  • Pioneered development of first online and cloud-based knowledge products including: first actionable “Voice of the Customer” product (NetRaker Index™) and the first 360° Customer Experience Management (CEM) platform (NetRaker Intelligence Platform™)
  • Captured market leading brand recognition and share among diverse client companies like Adobe, Akamai, Boeing, Disney, Salesforce.com, Snapfish, IBM, Kaiser Permanente, Microsoft and Yahoo!
  • Recognized as the “JD Power for Professional Services” by each of the Big 4 firms.
    Movement of multi-million dollar accounts between firms as result of client experience rankings.  Research Industry Awards from studies advertised by winning firms.
  • “This numbers-based information was being delivered to firms who were themselves the undisputed Kings of Numbers.  Therefore, every aspect had to be rock solid.  John’s thinking and guidance at every step was critical in creating this best practice for the worldwide professional services industry.  It is no surprise that once the firms began using the system to improve their internal processes, profits started to explode.”
  • Developed services specifically focused on improving Credit Union’s digital interactions with members and potential members.
  • Developed and implemented unique and highly successful market positioning for boutique research consulting agency. Created new research technology applications and integrated with advanced analytical protocols to produce highly innovative and recognized business solutions.


John also writes and presents on current topics of interest (branding, market trends, Millennials, sustainability, etc) as well as all elements of research and customer experience at numerous regional, national and international conferences, association and company seminars.  Following are a few examples of such forums:

Our Team

Our teams are your team when you partner with us. We focus on partners not projects through the implementation of a consultative engagement model. This building of a relationship instead of a one-off focus is what keeps clients coming back to us for depth of insights and actionable consulting.

We form dedicated client service teams with specific industry knowledge. Our experienced team-based approach leverages formalized processes and past learning. Continued support and consultation after each engagement helps maximize and optimize our clients’ use of insights provided by each engagement.

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